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Plans for the summer of 2022

So here’s the thing, we’ve been kind of going for a while and I thought I would give you a bit of an explanation of what’s been going on… and share our plans for the summer.

Firstly, we’ve been traveling just as before, just this year we’ve been to Estonia, Poland, Italy, and Croatia, and there’s more to come. We’ve been updating on our other socials, but not the blog. We have a bunch of trips planned ahead, and I’ll share that with you in a minute but first I just want to get into what’s been going on with the blog.

I haven’t been able to update the blog due to the fact that we’ve been trying to move our platform. Which has been going so so, clearly. I am trying to do it mostly myself, but I have been struggling with the whole WordPress thing, it’s not as easy as I first thought it would be to move from a community to a stand-alone blog. But I am getting there, so bare with me, nothing is really finished yet. But I thought, you’ve been with me since the beginning of the travel blog, and some of you have even read my along time ago blog, so I’ll just take you along on the journey. The blog’s not finished, obviously. All of the posts are still there, they are just lacking the FAB pictures. I miss writing about our travels and sharing them with all of you, so here we go… And anyway, I once heard someone say that you can be both amazing and a work in progress, and that sounds about right to me.

We’ll be spending our Swedish midsummer with some of our closest friends in a Swedish city that I have never been to, Vadstena. And then there’s Stockholm, of course! About a month from that we’ll start our four weeks of summer vacation and this year we’ll be starting out with a bang! We have booked a one-way ticket to Italy and that’s where we’ll start off… the plan is to have as small of a plan as possible, but we have booked the two first nights and we have a kind of a plan for our second city to visit in Italy, but that’s it. No more plans, we’ll just decide as we go. That will be a fun adventure for sure, and a kind of a scary one at that, especially if you are a bit of a control freak such as myself.

So tell me, have you missed me? 😀


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