Türkiye - Alanya

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    56 days spent in Turkey

    Turkey is by far the country in Europe that I’ve visited the most. I’ve been trying my best to remember all of the times that I’ve been in different parts of Turkey during the years, and it could be that I might have forgotten some of the trips that I took during earlier years. But I dont think so. 2001, Alanya2002, Alanya for two weeks2010, Side2011, Alanya2012, Özdere Izmir / Kusadasi2013, Alanya2014, Oba This equals 7 trips to Turkey, about 56 days – give or take a few. I cant tell for sure which one of the different trips that was 7 or 8 days, so I’ve summed it up…

  • Türkiye - Alanya

    Who hasent spent a week sunbathing in Alanya?

    Yes, who hasn’t spend a week or two sunbathing in Alanya. I’ve been to Turkey about… I don’t know, I’ve lost count on how many times. A few years back, we had at least one week in Turkey, each year, just to relax and enjoy the sun, the ocean and the food. The Turkish cousine is amazing, regardless if you’re at a fancy resturant, a beach lunchplace, ordering drinks at the poolarea or exploring the local grocery store range. Turkey is actually one of the better sun-vacation destinations when it comes to dry cider, they had it long before most places started having Strongbow or Magners.If you havent tried Turkish…