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    We found this really cool post at our fellow travelblogger Litemerarosa and looking around we found out that Stadtillstrand had filled in the list as well, so hey, lets do it! This post is about how many capitals you have visited whilst travelling around the world. And to be honest, we did not think that we had visited that many, but after reading our fellow bloggers posts we found ourselfs thinking “Hey, we’ve been there to!” This maybe a bit unfair, cuz this is our combined list of capitols, but then again, theres two of us writing on this blog and we both wanted to do the list. So lets…

  • Netherlands - Amsterdam

    Modelphotoshoot in Amsterdam

    We were in Amsterdam for an entire weekend, me and the swedish makeupartist flew in from Stockholm, where we met up with a swedish designer whim was staying in Amsterdam at the time. We had quite a packed schedule, we had booked four different models from a local modelagency and each of them had one to three different looks, but I cant show you all of them in one blogpost, can I? Well, sure I could, but thats gonna be one really long post, filled with just a massive amount of images. But I will give you these words as kind of a sneakpeak, I will show you the the…

  • Netherlands - Amsterdam


    I was in Amsterdam a few years ago for a weekend to work with a designer, to shoot her latest collection of clothings. I can show some the images later on from the different shoots, if you’d like. One of the themes was actually shot in Red Light District. Weird wacko and cool at the same time. People are earning their living, selling their bodies as families of tourists walk by on their stroll down the street to the local church. So, moving on. Amsterdam has some beautiful arcitecture. The old buildings, canals, parks everywhere. And bikes. Lots and lots of bikes. It was a great experience in a cool…