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    4 favorite Italian drinks

    As you’ve all seen we’ve had both Greek and Indian dinner, so it’s about time we take the food travels to Italy for some pasta and a few Italian drinks. As we were planning our menu for the night we kind of stumbled upon the idea of making cocktails in Italian fashion, and who am I to say no to a great idea huh? So cocktails it is! Keep in mind though when you’re reading this, we’re not always keeping the original recipes, due to the simple facts that our little bar at home did not have all the ingredients. Aperol Spritz So let’s start off with a fun fact,…

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    One year ago

    Today, exactly one year ago, we started this blog to be able to share our travels with you guys. Its been so much fun and hard work, but its all worth it when we receive your love and engagement. We have been through so much and visited so many places, its kind of crazy when you think about it. During this year we have been sunbathing on the lavarocks in Sicily, walking the medieval streets of Visby, gone by boat on danuberiver in Budapest, been on a cruice to Helsinki, spent christmas in Madeira, had guinness in a wheelchair in Dublin, got tattoos Madrid, visited the ancient city of Istanbul…

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    Drinks on the beach

      Angelica and Annon the beach in Giardini Naxos. Drinks on the beach in Sicily whilst celebrating our birthdays. Yes, the both of us, we’re actually born on the same day just some years apart. And if you ask me, who turned 40 that day, that was not a bad way to celebrate your birthday. Would I like to go back to Sicily? For sure. But I guess I’ve seen Giardini Naxos for now, and Sicily has so much more to offer so if I could go back for a week or two I would love to see the botanical gardens and Catacombs in Palermo or the Greek amphietheatre in…

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    Lazy pooldays

    Yes, we’re on a roll here, so lets stick with it. Lazy pooldays. Our poolarea in Sicily was the best. Sunbeds by the pool. Sunbeds by the lavarocks overlooking the ocean. A resturant overlooking the pool. It was really great. But my favorite time hanging out by the pool was in morning, watching the sunrise. You know that special time, before the world awakes and theres no sound but nature. Peaceful and quiet, thats just the best. I’m somewhat of an earlybird. I love the mornings. Yes, I love the mornings, but as I’ve told you before, I’m just not a peopleperson in the mornings. I love the quiet mornings…

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    Grand Hotel Arathena Rocks

      Lets stick with Sicily for a while longer, as I said there are so much I havent shown you yet… Here are some images of the interior of our hotel, beautiful right? Nicely decorated with different colours everywhere, I really enjoyed our stay at Arathena Rocks, it sure was a great hotel. Our rooms were big and cozy, with a view overlooking the volcano Etna. Couldnt have asked for more. //Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and more images.

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      On last years summer vacation we spent a week in Sicily, mainly Giardini Naxos, but we we managed the time so we had some left for a trip to Taormina, on the east coast of the island. You know what, as I’m looking through the images that we took during this trip, I realise that theree are lots and lot of images that we havent shown you at all. So I do belive that there will be more post from our trip to Sicily. Its a beautiful and viberant city, filled with all that Sicily can offer. The smell of pasta at dinner time, the sounds of people sharing…

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    Review of 2018

    This year has been great travelwise. We started the new year in Spain, Barcelona and ended it in Ireland, Dublin. How much more can a girl really ask for? I want to start off by saying thank you, to all of you who’ve been a long for the ride. Thanks to all of you, our followers and readers, our friends and family. Without you, none of this would be possible. January. Spain, Barcelona March. Prague, Czech Republic August. medieval week, Gotland, Sweden. August. Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy. October. Budapest, Hungary. October. Turku, Finland. December. Madeira, Portugal. December. Dublin, Ireland. Number of trips: 8 Visited countries: 8 New countries: 4 Days…

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    Advent wishlist, part 2

    Welcome, hello. This is our second advent sunday christmas wishlist, predictions, wants and needs in alphabetical order. 9th of december, while 9 days left until our next trip. Seems fitting doesnt it? G for Gibraltar. Did you know that if you visit Marbella, on a clear and sunny day, you can see all the way to Gibraltar? There are boattrips that take you from Marbella to Gibraltar, daytrips including dolphinsafari for 45 €. At the Upper rock you will surely bump in to one of the threehundred wild monkeys that live there, but be careful, they are known to be a bit violent, so keep distance. Highlands, yes to travel…

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    Lightning storm in Sicily

      Kind of cool right? I wouldnt say that we had bad weather, but a few raindrops and the occasional thunderclouds came rolling in over the mountains every day during our visit in Sicily. The rain kept pooring for about an hour or so, so it wasnt bad, it gave us a perfect break from the sun everyday. //Ann #travelblogger #travelphotography #sicilien #italiensk #naturephotography