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    Krakow or Warsaw?

    To be able to compare the two different cities I have written down some differences and similarities between two of the most visited cities in Poland, and maybe this post can help you decide whether or not you should book your next trip to Krakow or Warsaw. Warsaw:We visited during late winter 2022, in February, so to be honest the weather was quite the same as at the time we visited Krakow. Cold, but not the same kind of cold cuz we had some storm winds and some rain as well. Not that much that it was a hassle though. We stayed for 3 nights, and to be honest I…

  • Poland - Warsaw

    Heading to Warsaw in Poland

      As I’ve told you all before, we visited Krakow during the fall of 2021 and after that trip which enjoyed immensely, we’ve been wanting to explore more of Poland. Naturally, our thoughts were pulled towards the capital of Poland, Warsaw, and that’s where we’re heading right now. We’re staying in Warsaw for the weekend, so only three nights, and I am just hoping that it will be enough time to see all of the beautiful places that we’ve been reading upon. You all know that I am not the best to update the blog at the time that we’re traveling, but I do promise you to update Instagram with…