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    Greek dinner

    So if you can’t travel to Greece right now, Greece will just have to come to us. And what better way to make that happened than to cook yourself a greek dinner. Travel inspired dinners coming up, and we are even thinking of making this a series of blog posts, so please let us know if this kind of post would interest you! Just go all-in with music, foods, and beer. And take your time to set the table, make it into a party! But if you are at home, don’t go throwing those plates around – that makes quite a mess. Did I tell you that we did that…

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    12 Bucket list foods

    So okay, we have all some kind of bucket list. We make one every year for our different travel destinations, makes sense to us since we’re a travel blog. But this bucket list I thought we could do things a little different… One thing that I guess most people enjoy whilst traveling is the food culture, so with that in mind, I wanted to see if we could make a bucket list with different kinds of foods from all over the world, with all kinds of different dishes that we want to try out. Some of them we have already tried, some are in the near future and some of…

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    Lunch at the Food Project

    As we were heading towards Acropolis in Athens, Greece, we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat, and as we passed by the Food Project that seemed like a fitting place for us. Isn’t it just lovely to be able to sit outdoors and have lunch in january? The restaurant is located just about a few minutes walk from the entrance to Acropolis, so it was really the perfect place for us. Having a smaller lunch for us means having a pizza and some tzatziki to share, and a drink of course. I ordered myself one of my favorite drinks, a Espresso Martini, Hanna had a Limoncello Spritz…

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    The greek food

    Who doesnt like the greek food, right? That’s only one of the many reasons I’ve gone back to Greece, I’ve actually been to quite a few of the islands but also on the mainland. I simply love Greek food, the lamb, the seasoning, tzatziki and all of the different small fingerfoods that are always served as appetizers. But my absolut favorite is lamb kleftiko. It’s a rustic, traditional Greek recipe made with slow cooked lamb, first marinated in garlic, olive oil, feta cheese and lemon juice.Have you ever tried it? //Ann