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    4 favorite Italian drinks

    As you’ve all seen we’ve had both Greek and Indian dinner, so it’s about time we take the food travels to Italy for some pasta and a few Italian drinks. As we were planning our menu for the night we kind of stumbled upon the idea of making cocktails in Italian fashion, and who am I to say no to a great idea huh? So cocktails it is! Keep in mind though when you’re reading this, we’re not always keeping the original recipes, due to the simple facts that our little bar at home did not have all the ingredients. Aperol Spritz So let’s start off with a fun fact,…

  • Italy - Venice

    Santa Lucia

    This church in Venice Italy is a well known because of the grave of Santa Lucia di Siracusa, who is celebrated on December 13th. We kind of stumbled upon it when we took our trip to Venice, crossing the square and almost missing it. Beautiful right? //Ann #travelblogger #italy #venice #church #lucia #travelphotography

  • Italy - Venice

    Experiencing Venice for the first time

    As you can see this trip was some time ago, but I thought I would share some of my experience anyways. Italy has always been a dream of mine, so of course, I wanted to go to Venice and see this romantic and beautiful city in person. We actually lived about twenty minutes away from Venice, so we traveled by bus every day from a smaller town called Treviso. That’s my advice of the day if you’re going to Venice, live in Treviso. It’s close to the airport, the town is really cute and the local bus works just fine. And to be honest, there are some cute restaurants in…