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    Review of 2021

    Has another year just gone by? People say that time flies when you’re having a good time, and the year 2021 has been a lot of fun, especially if you compare it to 2020 where the entire year was filled with fear. The pandemic is very much alive, but we are all starting to manage it better and most of us are fully vaccinated and that’s really great! January, Idre Sweden February, Gålö Sweden We had some great winter wonderland experiences here in Sweden during the first quarter of the year, we visited places like Idre up in the north of Sweden, went camping in Gålö, and just enjoyed the…

  • Sweden - Gålö

    Staycation at Gålö campsite

    I have been dreaming of going on a vacation for quite a while now, like most of you – and the rest of the world, so we tried our best to find a place where we can have a staycation and stay safe at the same time. We did a lot of research and found that having a staycation at Gålö Campsite was perfect for us! From the beginning of the weekend until the end, we meet no-one other than the friends we shared the cottage with, so we practiced social distancing and had a corona-safe weekend. The check-in was done online and we picked up our key to the…