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    The adventcalendar of 2019

    This was the first year that we published a Christmas calendar. Geez, that was a lot of work go get a post out every day, but in hindsight, it was a lot of fun to not just a lot of work. And we just want to say thank you, to all of you for the response you have given us. Not just here on the blog, but on Facebook and Instagram as well. Thank you! So if you did miss out on our advent calendar of 2019, here’s a recap for you, hope you enjoy it! //A & A #1 Familycation in Rhetymnon, Crete. #2 Windowshopping #3 Modelphotoshoot in Turkey…

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    Review of 2019

    Last year we did a Review of 2018 so lets keep this up and make a small review of this year as well. We started 2019 in Dublin Ireland with the best group of people ever, so we kicked off the new year in style. We have stayed in Europe all year, even though we’ve had the ambission of going on a longer trip. Travelling longer takes some more planning on our behalf, and to be honest, we’re kind of to impulsive to plan a longer trip. Anyways, here’s what we have done during 2019:   JanuaryIreland, Dublin FebruarySpain, Madrid Our next trip was suppose to be Scotland and Edinburgh,…

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    The view of Istanbul

    Once in a while, you find yourself walking around an ancient city of stunning architechture and mosques with intriguing history. As you walk by you’re drawn to the ambience of the teahouses , the smell of spices filles your senses and kind of leaves you hungry for more knowlage of the city. Theres nothing more thrilling than exploring a city like Istanbul, you could reseach forever and a day, and you would still not know the half of it. The spires and domes from the mosques and anchient minarets filles the shylines with an exotic siluette. The light blues, greys and whites of the city blends together perfectly with the…

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    The Old Ottoman

    Our last day in Istanbul Turkey we were debating where to have dinner, so I started googeling and checking online and I found a recomendation from instagram. The old Ottoman. And boy, you were right! This place is nothing short of amazing. Even though its a full size restaurant the atmosphere feels kind of like you are in someones home, its warm and welcoming. The staff is so kind and friendly, and so helpful with their recomdations of food and wines. We ended up ordering to much food as always, somehow I always tend to think I can eat my own weight and at the Old Ottoman I almost did.…

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    Hagia Sofia

    You might have seen some of these images from Hagia Sofia before on our instagram stories, but I thought it was about time that we shared them on the blog aswell. Our visit to Istanbul was HOT, really hot, and the day that we decided to visit Hagia Sofia was not an exception to the summerheat. Once again, we did did not do what I always encourage you to do, we did not go there in the morning before the crowds get there. We were in line to enter the museum for like an hour and as I said – it was hot and sweaty to the point were I…

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    Gülhane park

    Its beautiful right? Gülhane park in Istanbul Turkey is kind of like an oasis in the middle of the city, with its location beeing right smack in the city center. And the park is not just big, its huge. But do you want to know my favorite part about this specific park? You can actually use it. Even though theres people everywhere thats working in park, gardening and keeping it clean, its okey to use park. Its okey if you want to bring a picnic blanket and make it a family day. Its okey to lay on the grass and read a good book. You can actually use the park,…

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    Valens Aqueduct in Istanbul

    This is one of all the beautiful places we passed every day duting our trip to Istanbul, Valens Aqueduct. Its huge, 29 meter high, but thats not really strange seeing as it was the major water-providing system back in the old days when capital was called Constantinopel. Beautiful right? I know I have not shown you a lot of images from our trip to Istanbul, but stey tuned, I promise you – they are comming!

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    Highlight from the summer of 2019

    We’ve just gone back to work after the summervacation but I just have to say that the summer of 2019 and been a great summer. I’ve gotten a bit of a tan, a few glases of wine and several great trips abroad. Cant really complain at all. I have put together a bit of a recap for you, hope you enjoy the read!   We took a trip to Istanbul in june, clearly a great start to the summer. I have always wanted to there, but I’ve kind of had to struggle to get a travelpartner. Thank you, my dear friends, for making this trip happend!     Best honor…

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    A different angle on the Süleymaniye Mosque

    I know right? Its really stunning, this is the Süleymaniye Mosque mosque aswell, just from another angle. There are several entries to the mosques surrounding areas and you get kind of a different experience depending on where you enter. This part had this beautiful garden and graveyard, some catacombs and some sleeping kittens. So its not just a historical site, its also a peaceful greenery that had a relaxed feeling to it. The cats are free to go where ever they want in Istanbul, trye’re well liked. We even found one playing around inside the shoe of a tourist, so cute, //Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook andInstagram…

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    Şehzade Mosque

    Am I drowning you in images? If thats the case then I’m sorry, but I have so many pictures from out trip to Istanbul, I dont ever think Im gonna run out of content. Anyways, Şehzade Mosque is located on the third hill in Istanbul. That really doesnt say much does it? I know, but if you’re there and you google it, you’ll find it. And theres quite a story for all of you history geeks out there. The mosque is also located just beside the Green marble Stone which markes the center of old Istanbul. The arcitect wanted to build the the mosque at the center of the city,…