Sweden - Vadstena

  • Sweden - Vadstena

    Images of Vadstena

    There are tons to see in this cute old town, especially if you are into architecture and a bit of history. There are castles, monasteries, and a ton of other historical buildings to visit, as well as a few different museums and a beautiful beach. Summer struck hard when we visited for the midsummer weekend, granting us over 30 degrees celsius. And naturally, we decided to go on a walk right after lunch when the sun was at its best, do I even have to tell you that we all were boiling from the heat? A bit too hot yes, and I do wish that I would have brought some…

  • Sweden - Vadstena

    Midsummer in Vadstena

    As a child brought up in Sweden you are brought up with the traditions of Swedish Midsummer, which contains of decorating a large wooden cross with two hoops with birch leaves and flowers. You raise that cross up when it’s decorated and you sing about frogs that have no ears and dance around it. That sounds a bit crazy when you put it like that huh? It’s really not. And it’s actually a national holiday in Sweden. It’s an occasion of family gatherings, where we eat our pickled herring and newly harvested potatoes. The children pick flowers to decorate the midsummer pole and make garlands and then the entire family…

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    Plans for the summer of 2022

    So here’s the thing, we’ve been kind of going for a while and I thought I would give you a bit of an explanation of what’s been going on… and share our plans for the summer. Firstly, we’ve been traveling just as before, just this year we’ve been to Estonia, Poland, Italy, and Croatia, and there’s more to come. We’ve been updating on our other socials, but not the blog. We have a bunch of trips planned ahead, and I’ll share that with you in a minute but first I just want to get into what’s been going on with the blog. I haven’t been able to update the blog…