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    10 Advent questions about traveling – Part 4

    Hi, welcome back to part 4 of our advent lists!So we have done part 1 which was about flights and airports, part 2 about destinations and the 3rd part was focused on travel inspirations. I really hopw that you have enjoyed reding them, and as I have said before – feel free to copy the lists and answering them yourself. Give me a shoutout if you do, I would love to read yours.But lets dive into part 4, which is about traveling with kids…   1. Before you started traveling with kids, what was your worries?Oh I would say that my main thought before I got kids was that I…

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    Greek dinner

    So if you can’t travel to Greece right now, Greece will just have to come to us. And what better way to make that happened than to cook yourself a greek dinner. Travel inspired dinners coming up, and we are even thinking of making this a series of blog posts, so please let us know if this kind of post would interest you! Just go all-in with music, foods, and beer. And take your time to set the table, make it into a party! But if you are at home, don’t go throwing those plates around – that makes quite a mess. Did I tell you that we did that…

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    The adventcalendar of 2019

    This was the first year that we published a Christmas calendar. Geez, that was a lot of work go get a post out every day, but in hindsight, it was a lot of fun to not just a lot of work. And we just want to say thank you, to all of you for the response you have given us. Not just here on the blog, but on Facebook and Instagram as well. Thank you! So if you did miss out on our advent calendar of 2019, here’s a recap for you, hope you enjoy it! //A & A #1 Familycation in Rhetymnon, Crete. #2 Windowshopping #3 Modelphotoshoot in Turkey…

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    The poolarea

      The poolarea of our hotel in Hersonissos, Crete. I dont have a lot of images from this old trip to Hersonissos on Crete. It was back then when you carried a compact camera with you, and you image of each object. I think I took about fifty images, total, during the entire week we spent there. And I remember thinking that it was a whole lot of images. To compare that to present day, I take about a thousand images on a weekend trip. Yepp, thats a lot of editing. We spent most of our days by the hotel pool, kiddo didnt really swim back then, so it was…

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    Hersonissos on Crete

    Hersonissos beach on Crete Yes, we visited Hersonissos on Crete many years ago. It was actually our first familyvacation together, I had always wanted to travel alot. Me and Jacob had one other trip, just the two of us, before this one. During or stay here in Hersonissos, our kid was about foru years old and I remember beeing a bit scared to travel with a kid before we headed of. Bud kiddo was great. As always. Our watch at the hotel was about two hours wrong, and I dont think we had a phone with us during our trips. Or maybe, I cant remember, this was like 2007. So…

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    Around the beach of Rethymnon

    So we rented our sunbeds on the beach, ordered some drinks and snacks, read books and relaxed. Me and mom got our nails done, which was supercheap and such a luxurious way to have your nails taken care of during the vaction. I loved it. So much that we actually did it twice. All whilst the boys played around in the water, snorkling and renting jetskies. Just a typical familyvacation. //Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook andInstagram for daily updates and more images #greece #crete #travelblogger #vacation #travelphotography #bestofnouw #photoblog

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    Familyvacation in Rethymnon

    In Rethymnon on Crete, is that grammarly correct? In a town, on a island. Anyways… We lived within walkingdistance to like everything, it took us about five minutes to the beach, just as long to citycenter and about ten-fifthteen to old town. I do recommend walking around in old town, the architechture is amazing, but I would not recommend you tho stay for dinner. Its crazy expencive. It’s not that the food is not good, its just not that good. What I am trying to say is that the food is not worth the price. Just walk back into town, and you’ll find a just as good if not even…

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    Crete Rethymnon

    You know what, I just realised that I have been on a bunch of trips that I have not told you about. Most of them was a few years back, or even longer, but still. I cant belive I forgot about them, so sorry. Take Rethymnon on the Greek island of Crete for example, thats one of the destinations I have not told you about. I have actually been to two different cities on Crete, on two different occations, and one other Greek island, but we’ll start off with Rethymnon. We were on the island for a family vacation, but I was really lucky that a makeupartist that I had…