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    Modelphotoshoot in Barcelona, part I

    If I remember this correctly, which I am hoping I am, this was the second time that I did a modelphotoshoot abroad. The first photoshoot in Turkey gave me a bit of an appetite for doing this kind photoshoots, so as soon I we booked the trip to Barcelona I started looking for a modelagency to work with in Spain. I actually found a Swedish agency that had a few models in Spain, so I decided to give it a go. Both the model and the makeupartist lived around Barcelona, so they came up with the idea for the location. We had decided on a place to meet, we were…

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    My Go-to

    Paragraph Go-to or fall back, call it whatever, but you know the one. That one good love that you had at the beginning of time, where everything just seemed great. But then it wasent. Maybe you grew apart. Had new loves and different lives. But your Go-to is the one you compare the others to, what it made you feel that time. How you longed when you were apart. Maybe it was a foolish young love, but its the one you always go back to. Over and over again. For me, thats so Barcelona. I’m not even sure that I can count the times I’ve been there, I’ve kind of…

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    Frieri i Barcelona

    Helt ovetandes så var vi påväg ner till stranden, uppklädda för att fira in det nya året tillsammans, champagnen var nedpackad och kamerorna var med för att fånga den perfekta solnedgången.. … När L bestämde sig för att det perfekta ögonblicket skulle vara i Barcelona då började planeringen som jag inte hade en aning om. Det är många bitar som faller på plats när jag tänker tillbaka, som till exempel ringen. Ann och Hanna ville ha en gemensam ring och skulle beställa så snart som möjligt och behövde mitt fingermått. När L ”glömde” telefonen hos min mamma men istället bad om välsignelse av mamma, mormor och bror. När jag var…

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    Drinks at The Wild Rover

    And you’re thinking that it seems a bit illogical to go to Barcelona and enter an Irish pub? Well yes, I see your point, but we found this place back in 2013 and we’ve been comming here ever since then. Which is several times, and I tell everyone that visits Barcelona to go to The Irish Rover, they have the best drinks in the city. Well I havent tried every bar in the city, but I have never been dissapointed when I’ve been to our Irish one either. They always have affordable prices, great staff and most importanly amazing drinks and live music. If you’re even in Barcelona and dont…

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    Hands up, who actually likes Mimosas? We tried it in Barcelona and I really gave it a shot, but this is just not for me. I mean champagne or sparkling wine and orangejuice, who ever came up with that? People seem to drink this for breakfast, or brunch, and hey I’m all for a fun start of the day but thats just nasty. Been there, done that, never doing it again.

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    Sangria moments

    Sangria moment, caught on new years eve in Barcelona. I’m guessing there will be some sangria moments in the near future for us. I’m even keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun while we’re in Madrid. The weather looks really promising. Have any of you been in Madrid and have some tips?

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    Happy Valentines day

    This image was taken while airporting in Barcelona, after our New years celebrations, that gave Angelica a husband to be. I dont think we’ve even told you about that part of the trip yet, but I can tell you this – it was pretty romantic! Come to think of it, eight years ago, today, was the day that my husband ask me to marry him. So this is our engagement day. But we’re really not the romantic kinds, so we dont take the celebrations that serious. Non romantic bafoons really, not like Angelica and her fiance, whom is redonkulous when it comes to romance. I’ll settle for a pizza. Anyways,…

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    Review of 2018

    This year has been great travelwise. We started the new year in Spain, Barcelona and ended it in Ireland, Dublin. How much more can a girl really ask for? I want to start off by saying thank you, to all of you who’ve been a long for the ride. Thanks to all of you, our followers and readers, our friends and family. Without you, none of this would be possible. January. Spain, Barcelona March. Prague, Czech Republic August. medieval week, Gotland, Sweden. August. Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy. October. Budapest, Hungary. October. Turku, Finland. December. Madeira, Portugal. December. Dublin, Ireland. Number of trips: 8 Visited countries: 8 New countries: 4 Days…

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    My favorite food and drinks in Barcelona

    I am going to show you the Barcelona I know and love. We’ve been to the city several times, on a few different occasions. The first time I went there was actually back in 2005 when I was competing in a computer game with a female team, you did not know that right? So I’m gonna share some of my favorite things. Sangria beeing the first. Yes, I do love me some drinks but there’s just something special about the Sangria in Barcelona, the fresh fruits combined with the different liqueurs that the locals use to mix with. Redonkulously good. The it comes to the food in barcelona I’m biased…

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    I collect ducks

    Yes, that’s my thing. I think most of of have that one thing we’re always looking to buy when we travel the world, I know I do. I always run around in different souvenir shops and boutiques trying to find my things. I collect ducks and I try to find one in every city but it’s not always that easy so imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a duck store in Barcelona. I ended up buying a mosaic painted Gaudi duck to my collection, that seemed like the right duck to bring home from Barcelona, but I regretted not buying the green cactus duck. Do you see it? Isn’t…