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    We found this really cool post at our fellow travelblogger Litemerarosa and looking around we found out that Stadtillstrand had filled in the list as well, so hey, lets do it! This post is about how many capitals you have visited whilst travelling around the world. And to be honest, we did not think that we had visited that many, but after reading our fellow bloggers posts we found ourselfs thinking “Hey, we’ve been there to!” This maybe a bit unfair, cuz this is our combined list of capitols, but then again, theres two of us writing on this blog and we both wanted to do the list. So lets…

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    Top 6 tasty tastings in Europe

    Yes, in my opinion, this is the Top 6 of Tasty Tastings in Europe – of all the things we have tried. They are catagorized by date, staring with the first tasting we did, ending with last. Not in the order of what we liked best. And yes, I have done a few other tastings aswell, like a winetasting in Thessaloniki Greece many years ago, but it was kind of to long ago to have a keen memory of it. Wine Tasting in Bratislava – Slovakia The Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh – Scotland Beer Spa in Prague – Czech Republic Bar hopping in Dublin – Ireland Wine Tasting in Nessebar…

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    You do the research, you find the perfect historical places that you want to see and the places you want to check off that bucketlist of yours. You have everything figured out, an entire itinerary of goodies for your travels. You might even have figured out the best time of day to go there, just to get that one great instagram friendly image. You hop on the flight, get yourself all dolled up to be in that iconic picture with that historic landmark, maybe even check out some good poses. But then again, no… I sure have a few things on my buckelist that I really want to see, but…

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    Review of 2018

    This year has been great travelwise. We started the new year in Spain, Barcelona and ended it in Ireland, Dublin. How much more can a girl really ask for? I want to start off by saying thank you, to all of you who’ve been a long for the ride. Thanks to all of you, our followers and readers, our friends and family. Without you, none of this would be possible. January. Spain, Barcelona March. Prague, Czech Republic August. medieval week, Gotland, Sweden. August. Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy. October. Budapest, Hungary. October. Turku, Finland. December. Madeira, Portugal. December. Dublin, Ireland. Number of trips: 8 Visited countries: 8 New countries: 4 Days…

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    When you hit jackpot!

      Isn’t this just the best, kind of like hitting the jackpot! You know that feeling, when you check in to your hotelroom, throw your bag on the bed, start checking the room out and then you find gold… the room has a bathtub. So this was me one morning in Prague, I was in the bathtub the entire morning when the others were out assisting Ann on a photoshoot. Quite nice. What do you prefer, tub or shower? //Angelica

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    Sightseeing in Prague

    We spent our last day in Prague just walking around the city, doing some sightseeing before we headed to the airport. The day you’re going home is always just half a day, since you travel most of the day. Or atleast spending a lot of time on the airports just waiting around. What do you usually do on your last day abroad?

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    what to wear in Prague during the spring

    So, to all of you that are planning on visiting Prague the upcomming spring, this once’s for you. As you can see, it looks like the nights in Prague during March is quite cold, right? Wrong. Well yes, the nights are cold, but so are the days. I just packed a small lether jacket and a poncho. I wore the jacked during the days, and the jacked with the ponch ontop during the nights. But in hindsight, packing a few knitted sweaters wouldnt have killed me. So my advice is, dont be affaraid to go a bit heavy on the clothings, cuz there’s something really special about having a hot…

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    Your booking is unavalibe!

    The day before we were going to Prague I got a call from a strange number, so ofcourse I didnt pick up. So they called again. And again. And left a voicemail telling me to call the bookingagency. And I got an email telling me to call them urgently. As it turned out, the appartment we were suppose to stay in was unavalible and we had to find another place to stay for the duracion of our visit in Prague. Eek! Of course I freaked out, wouldnt you? So the day before we’re suppose to leave for Prague, we have to find a new place to stay cuz our already…

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    The one thing that made our trip to Prague a one of a kind was experiencing was visiting a the beer spa. We booked our spa treatment from home, a few weeks before the trip, just to make sure we would get an appointment. You could probobly book it whilst you’re in town aswell, there are a few places around the city that has a similar thing. But why risk it, when its so easy to book your appointment online. So, you get your own rooms, with two tubs, connected to four beer taps where there’s free, unlimited beer for the entire time of your beer-bubblebath, both lager and dark…