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    Foodtravel to Madrid with Vacay in a box

    You all know that we have been food traveling a lot during the last one and a half years, trying out a lot of different cuisines and new ways to cook and prepare food and drinks. So traveling with Vacation in a Box is just a perfect fit for us! This is a four-step program that will take you on an online weekend travel adventure, where you pick your destination and order your box, open your box, give it a bit of planning, and then you’re off! Could it be more perfect? No, not really, especially since Angelica is kind of too pregnant to fly, and hey – there’s a…

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    Tattoos and tequila

    We did not tell you about the time that we got tattooed in Madrid, did we? We had talked about getting a tattoo together before, but when we were in Madrid, Spain, we finally got to it. So it was not a spur of the moment desition per say, but it was kind of a split second desition that night. It was like should we do it? Really? okay, lets! To be honest, none of our tattoos turned out that great… Angelicas is the worst, the tattoo had lost most of its color and looks like a spotted military plane. Lee, Angelica’s fiance, his plane is crooked but it has…

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    We found this really cool post at our fellow travelblogger Litemerarosa and looking around we found out that Stadtillstrand had filled in the list as well, so hey, lets do it! This post is about how many capitals you have visited whilst travelling around the world. And to be honest, we did not think that we had visited that many, but after reading our fellow bloggers posts we found ourselfs thinking “Hey, we’ve been there to!” This maybe a bit unfair, cuz this is our combined list of capitols, but then again, theres two of us writing on this blog and we both wanted to do the list. So lets…

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    Review of 2019

    Last year we did a Review of 2018 so lets keep this up and make a small review of this year as well. We started 2019 in Dublin Ireland with the best group of people ever, so we kicked off the new year in style. We have stayed in Europe all year, even though we’ve had the ambission of going on a longer trip. Travelling longer takes some more planning on our behalf, and to be honest, we’re kind of to impulsive to plan a longer trip. Anyways, here’s what we have done during 2019:   JanuaryIreland, Dublin FebruarySpain, Madrid Our next trip was suppose to be Scotland and Edinburgh,…

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    Another great Travelquote

    travel moreyour money will come backyour time won’t This is one of all the milion quotes that are flowting around on the internet, but is that not just the best travelquote ever? Simple, easy to remember, has a great punshline and its true. And again, I have no idea what so ever who said it first. Do you? If you have a favorite travelquote, I would love to hear them. //Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook andInstagram for daily updates and more images.

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    Of all the books in the world, the best stories are are found between the pages of a passport I dont know who said it first, but I just love that caption. Couldn’t be more true. Except for the fact that you hardly ever get stamps in your passport anymore, I think I have got two and both are from Turkey, and I’m almost up for a new passport. How about you, whats your favorite travelquote?//Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook andInstagram for daily updates and more images

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    One year ago

    Today, exactly one year ago, we started this blog to be able to share our travels with you guys. Its been so much fun and hard work, but its all worth it when we receive your love and engagement. We have been through so much and visited so many places, its kind of crazy when you think about it. During this year we have been sunbathing on the lavarocks in Sicily, walking the medieval streets of Visby, gone by boat on danuberiver in Budapest, been on a cruice to Helsinki, spent christmas in Madeira, had guinness in a wheelchair in Dublin, got tattoos Madrid, visited the ancient city of Istanbul…

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    On a street in Madrid

    So I’m gonna tell you about this photoblooper. Well not so much as a blooper, she looks beautiful right? But as you stop on different places around the streets of Madrid you have to be aware of your surroundings. Or atleast one might think you should be aware of the traffic. But no. So in the middle of the photosession I saw “bus!”, trying not to get them killed by the oncomming bus arriving on the street. Neither of them really heard me, so what I get is “puss”, which is kiss in swedish, but it rhimes with bus and sounds kind of alike…. They did not get hit by…

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    Rooftop tequilas at El Viajero

    Rooftop Tequila, that could really be the name of a drink, couldnt it? This was absolutly, by far, one of the best outdoor bars in Madrid. No, we didnt visit them all, so in my oppinion, this was the best because of the amazing view, the location and the good tequila ofcourse. If you are ever in Madrid and are in need of a place to put your feet up, I strongly recommend that you hit up El Viajero on Plaza de la Cebada, 11. El Viajero has a restaurant on the mainfloor, dining areas on the second and third, and then you have the terrace on the rooftop. Its…

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    Selfiestick – do or dont?

    Selfiestick? Om inte någon annan kan ta bilden så är det ju perfekt! Den användes saftigt i Madrid 😂 Jag älskar ju selfies och lärt mig exakt hur jag ska få en bra bild så jag behöver rätt ljus, vinkel och miljö. Någon som känner igen sig? Om Ann fick välja så skulle hon bryta av den där selfiesticken på mitten 😅 Så vad säger ni, selfiesticken – do or dont? /Angelica