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    Top 5 travel destinations

    We’ve been challenged by Rejse Guide af Guld to tell you about our Top 5 travel destinations, I am going to start by telling you that picking five of the trips we have done over the years – that’s not an easy task, but I will try my best. There are so many different reasons to why a trip could have easely been the best, but it’s not about the trip itself, but about the desination so I have tried to stick to the destinations that have kind stuck with me after visitng and that I would really like to re-visit for some specific reason. EDINBURGH Does this come as…

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    Review of 2019

    Last year we did a Review of 2018 so lets keep this up and make a small review of this year as well. We started 2019 in Dublin Ireland with the best group of people ever, so we kicked off the new year in style. We have stayed in Europe all year, even though we’ve had the ambission of going on a longer trip. Travelling longer takes some more planning on our behalf, and to be honest, we’re kind of to impulsive to plan a longer trip. Anyways, here’s what we have done during 2019:   JanuaryIreland, Dublin FebruarySpain, Madrid Our next trip was suppose to be Scotland and Edinburgh,…

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    Top 6 tasty tastings in Europe

    Yes, in my opinion, this is the Top 6 of Tasty Tastings in Europe – of all the things we have tried. They are catagorized by date, staring with the first tasting we did, ending with last. Not in the order of what we liked best. And yes, I have done a few other tastings aswell, like a winetasting in Thessaloniki Greece many years ago, but it was kind of to long ago to have a keen memory of it. Wine Tasting in Bratislava – Slovakia The Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh – Scotland Beer Spa in Prague – Czech Republic Bar hopping in Dublin – Ireland Wine Tasting in Nessebar…

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    You do the research, you find the perfect historical places that you want to see and the places you want to check off that bucketlist of yours. You have everything figured out, an entire itinerary of goodies for your travels. You might even have figured out the best time of day to go there, just to get that one great instagram friendly image. You hop on the flight, get yourself all dolled up to be in that iconic picture with that historic landmark, maybe even check out some good poses. But then again, no… I sure have a few things on my buckelist that I really want to see, but…

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    One year ago

    Today, exactly one year ago, we started this blog to be able to share our travels with you guys. Its been so much fun and hard work, but its all worth it when we receive your love and engagement. We have been through so much and visited so many places, its kind of crazy when you think about it. During this year we have been sunbathing on the lavarocks in Sicily, walking the medieval streets of Visby, gone by boat on danuberiver in Budapest, been on a cruice to Helsinki, spent christmas in Madeira, had guinness in a wheelchair in Dublin, got tattoos Madrid, visited the ancient city of Istanbul…

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    6 great pubs in Dublin

    We have been trying to figure out a friday theme on the blog and it really wasent that hard. Friday drinks, of course. So to start this off we’re gonna give you a recommendation of six different great pubs to visit while you are in Dublin, Ireland. The pubs in Dublin are mostly great whereever you go, but these once are just something extra. So I hope you enjoy the read and have a great friday. Wish you the best! //Ann Le bon crubeen Panti Bar Guinness Store House O’Sheas Porter House Central The Brazen Head #fridaydrink #dublin #ireland #drinks #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography

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    Angelica’s sooooo gonna kill me for this image! 😀 Ha! Yeah I know, she’s so gonna kill me… Anyways, we lived next door to O’sheas, which made this our before and after pub. You know the place that you go to before you head out and the last place you stop by before you head to bed. It was a great place that we tried about everything at. We did drinks and beers our first night, dinnersnacks and foodsamples, more beer and livemusic another night, breakfast one of the mornings and lunch on our last day before heading to the airport. And of all the things we didnt dislike anything.…

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    The Brazen Head

    Who hasn’t heard of The Brazen Head? The bar dates back to 1198, needless to say that its Irelands oldest pub. So when we visited Dublin for New Years we just had to visit the iconic landmark of a pub. Out of all the pubs we visited, this was the most hyped and even though it was kind of cool to have visited, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. It was cute. I liked the rustic feeling of the outdoors area. The bar served Guinness. Didnt try the food though, so I cant really say much for that. Seems like I didnt like it?Well, its not that…

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    Clubhopping or barcrawls?

    There were probobly a lot of clubs around Dublin, but we didnt really go looking. Bars are more our cup of tea, or pint of Guinness if you please. Clubbing can be alright, for a shorter while, otherwise we do prefer bars. I would say we’re not much of dancers so much as talkers. If there’s good music, preferebly live, that’s a plus. In my oppinion I would rather have a draft in a cozy pub than a club of loud music with a big croud. What do you prefer, clubhopping or barcrawls? #travelblog #ireland #dublin#drink #travelphotography