• Italy - Bologna

    We have finally arrived in Bologna

    You know the feeling of meeting a lost friend for the first time in forver? You get all warm and fuzzy, almost nervous for no particular reason. Yeah, that’s how I feel about beeing back in Italy! We came in late last night, or rather in the middle of the night, so it was pretty much just check in at our hotel and crash for the night. But after a good night sleep we are ready to start exploring. Well, coffee first, then exploring! Buongiorno!

  • Sweden - Vadstena

    Images of Vadstena

    There are tons to see in this cute old town, especially if you are into architecture and a bit of history. There are castles, monasteries, and a ton of other historical buildings to visit, as well as a few different museums and a beautiful beach. Summer struck hard when we visited for the midsummer weekend, granting us over 30 degrees celsius. And naturally, we decided to go on a walk right after lunch when the sun was at its best, do I even have to tell you that we all were boiling from the heat? A bit too hot yes, and I do wish that I would have brought some…

  • Poland - Krakow,  Poland - Warsaw

    Krakow or Warsaw?

    To be able to compare the two different cities I have written down some differences and similarities between two of the most visited cities in Poland, and maybe this post can help you decide whether or not you should book your next trip to Krakow or Warsaw. Warsaw:We visited during late winter 2022, in February, so to be honest the weather was quite the same as at the time we visited Krakow. Cold, but not the same kind of cold cuz we had some storm winds and some rain as well. Not that much that it was a hassle though. We stayed for 3 nights, and to be honest I…

  • Sweden - Vadstena

    Midsummer in Vadstena

    As a child brought up in Sweden you are brought up with the traditions of Swedish Midsummer, which contains of decorating a large wooden cross with two hoops with birch leaves and flowers. You raise that cross up when it’s decorated and you sing about frogs that have no ears and dance around it. That sounds a bit crazy when you put it like that huh? It’s really not. And it’s actually a national holiday in Sweden. It’s an occasion of family gatherings, where we eat our pickled herring and newly harvested potatoes. The children pick flowers to decorate the midsummer pole and make garlands and then the entire family…

  • Italy - Brindisi

    Pasta and pizza, ohmy!

    The Mediterranean cuisine has always been a favorite of mine, especially the dishes from the Italian kitchen, such as pasta, pizza, and seafood. Those of you who know me know that if I get to choose freely I always choose pasta if that is an option. As we visited Brindisi in Italy we tried out some amazing food at several different restaurants, and as always I thought I would share some of them with you. La Locanda del PortoThis was a restaurant that was kind of more on the fancy side. The interior design was leaning towards the marine theme, super cozy. As this was just lunch, we split a…

  • Croatia - Rijeka

    Mololongo apartments – roomtour

    The apartment building is located right in the city center, so you’re super close to everything. If you just exit the building and stand with your back against the front door you will see the harbor area and a few nice restaurants with a perfect view of the ocean, turn to your right you’ll find a few small shops, and if you keep walking until the end of the building you’ll find yourself at the big square where all the busses arrive and depart from, taxi station as well. Turn to your right again and you’ll see the Mololongo sign for the check-in desks. Keep walking and turn right and…

  • Croatia - Rijeka

    First impressions of Rijeka in Croatia

    Okay, so visiting Rijeka in May can be a bit of a lottery when it comes to the weather… the two first days of our four-day stay were warm as any hot summer day in Europe, like almost 30 degrees. But the weather is moody as … yeah! The next day we woke up to a thunderstorm. The temperature dropped to about 17 degrees, it was raining sideways cuz of the heavy winds and it was absolutely pouring down! It sure was an experience! We flew in by Ryanair to the tiny airport of Rijeka, which is small and super cute. Actually one of the smallest airports I have ever…

  • Italy - Brindisi

    Brindisi – first impression

    A lot of you have been asking about our trip to Brindisi, so I thought I would give you kind of a first impression… First of all, let me start by saying that we love Italy, so booking a trip to Brindisi was a simple choice for us, even though none of us had even heard of this city before this. But as we do love Italy we were just sure that we would love Brindisi as well. And we did! We booked our tickets through Ryanair, where we paid about 350 euros for two people, Thursday to Sunday. The transfer taxi set us back 20 euros, and it took…

  • Croatia - Rijeka,  Italy - Bologna,  Sweden - Stockholm,  Sweden - Vadstena

    Plans for the summer of 2022

    So here’s the thing, we’ve been kind of going for a while and I thought I would give you a bit of an explanation of what’s been going on… and share our plans for the summer. Firstly, we’ve been traveling just as before, just this year we’ve been to Estonia, Poland, Italy, and Croatia, and there’s more to come. We’ve been updating on our other socials, but not the blog. We have a bunch of trips planned ahead, and I’ll share that with you in a minute but first I just want to get into what’s been going on with the blog. I haven’t been able to update the blog…

  • Poland - Warsaw

    Heading to Warsaw in Poland

      As I’ve told you all before, we visited Krakow during the fall of 2021 and after that trip which enjoyed immensely, we’ve been wanting to explore more of Poland. Naturally, our thoughts were pulled towards the capital of Poland, Warsaw, and that’s where we’re heading right now. We’re staying in Warsaw for the weekend, so only three nights, and I am just hoping that it will be enough time to see all of the beautiful places that we’ve been reading upon. You all know that I am not the best to update the blog at the time that we’re traveling, but I do promise you to update Instagram with…