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    The Museum of the Order of St John

    According to me, this was totally the best of London. You know I love finding little museums regarding the order of St John, thats somewhat of a passion of mine. I could go on and tell you about the order, but I wouldnt know where to start and defenatly not where to stop. I do belive that I’ve told you about the reenactment we do during the summers and especially during Medieval Week in Visby, Gotland. You find bits and pieces of St John all over the world and when you know what signs to look for, or what to google, you might find history from the order a little…

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    Kan man tröttna på London?

    Jag är inne på samma spår som Ann, har man varit där tillräckligt många gånger så blir man lite mätt! Det kan bero på att vi är nyfikna på att se nya saker, nya destinationer och få mersmak av världen. När jag har varit där så har det varit för att shoppa, de två första gångerna jag var där så hann vi med både shopping och utforska. Resterande blev de mest shopping 😉 Vi var där närmare en vecka och det jag absolut skulle se innan vi åkte hem var big ben. Vi tog nästan aldrig taxi utan vi använde våra ben eller tog tunnelbanan och hade ingen speciell plats…

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    Architecture in London

    In my last post reguarding Lonon, I was quite harsh. But I do love arcitechture and uniqe structures, and I just had a fever – I was not blind. The buildings in the city are really amazing, just look at the details on St Paul’s cathedral. There are some really cool places in London that I would want to visit if I ever go back to, like Shepards market and Camden town.//Ann ​#travelblogger #nouwautumnchallenge #travelphotography

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    The airport-feeling

    Don’t you just love that feeeling, when your luggage is checked in and you’re past security. You have about an hour to do nothing but airporting. I dont know if that’s a word, but I’m sure it’s a thing. Airporting, for me, is having a drink of choice and peoplewatching. Or browsing the taxfree stores. Maybe having a cup of coffee, reading a good book.So tell me, what’s your favorite thing to do while airporting? //Ann #travelblogger #travelphotography #nouwautumnchallenge #travelblog #travelbucketlist

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    Its seems like Iv’e been to quite a alot of places that was not really on my bucket list. London is one of the places. I’ve heard so many people saying that they just love London, and it’s not that cant see why… but I just dont. Maybe is has to do with the high fever I had during most of the trip, but I feel that London is not a city that keeps me wanting more. There are so many ofther places I rather go to. But, I do like their pubs. And museeums. And their cider. //Ann​