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    4 favorite Italian drinks

    As you’ve all seen we’ve had both Greek and Indian dinner, so it’s about time we take the food travels to Italy for some pasta and a few Italian drinks. As we were planning our menu for the night we kind of stumbled upon the idea of making cocktails in Italian fashion, and who am I to say no to a great idea huh? So cocktails it is! Keep in mind though when you’re reading this, we’re not always keeping the original recipes, due to the simple facts that our little bar at home did not have all the ingredients. Aperol Spritz So let’s start off with a fun fact,…

  • Italy - Pisa

    Some more images from the trip to Pisa

    Who can resist the amazing Pisa Cathedra with its Leaning clocktower and the The Baptistery? As I have told you before, it’s been quite a few years ago that we were in Pisa, but I really wouldnt mind going back. Besides the fantastic arcitechture the city is quite uniqe. When I think of Pisa, for me its the typical Italian city filled with murmur, laughter and cute little resturants and diners. I dont really think I apprisiated the city for all its worth when I was there, but looking back at the images we took it kind of hits me how beautiful the city is. And did you know that…

  • Italy - Pisa


    So okey, I’ll start out by apologizing for the poor quality in the images, they were acually taken quite some time ago. A few years before Harry meet Sally, or Angelica meet Lee, your choice. But as I knew Lee before I ever meet Anglica, Lee was actually with us on this spur of the moment trip to Pisa, along with my husband and one of our childhood friends. Pisa is one of those cities that I would love to re-visit. Even though the city is really small and you dont need more than a weekend to see it all, its a great little city. The leaning tower is clearly…