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    Review of 2021

    Has another year just gone by? People say that time flies when you’re having a good time, and the year 2021 has been a lot of fun, especially if you compare it to 2020 where the entire year was filled with fear. The pandemic is very much alive, but we are all starting to manage it better and most of us are fully vaccinated and that’s really great! January, Idre Sweden February, Gålö Sweden We had some great winter wonderland experiences here in Sweden during the first quarter of the year, we visited places like Idre up in the north of Sweden, went camping in Gålö, and just enjoyed the…

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    Traveling during a pandemic

    When we traveled to Rhodes in late September it was actually our first trip abroad since the pandemic hit us. I really thought that we would book our first trip right after we took our second dose of the vaccine, but to be honest – I was a bit scared of traveling for the first time since the pandemic. I know a lot of people started traveling again, or never even stopped traveling during the pandemic, but for me personally it felt wrong to even even think about going abroad up until this point.We’ve traveled within Sweden for sure, but not abroad. Until this trip. Traveling with the restrictions and…

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    5 tips for great restaurants on Rhodes

    Who doesn’t like greek food right? The Greek cuisine is nothing short of amazing, with its typical Mediterranean spices, grilled lamb, fresh fish and seafood, dolmades, moussaka, olive oils, and of course tzatziki. So what do you choose to eat and the biggest question of all – where do you eat? I thought I would put together our five favorite places that we visited, and sometimes even revisited, during our stay on the island of Rhodes in Greece during a week in mid-september 2021. Hope you enjoy the read and the food!     Country Kitchen RhodesBoth of us love a good place where you can have a lot of…

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    When something good happens, travel to celebrate.If something bad happens, travel to forget it.If nothing happens, travel to make something happen. I couldn’t tell you who said it, even if my life depended on it… But I do love quotes, and especially travelquotes. Do you have any favorite quotes? Don’t miss an update, join us at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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    Walk with me through the streets of Lindos

        The whitewashed homes with blue accents and doors are somewhat iconic when it comes to Greek-styled homes, so naturally, you can find quite a few white buildings on Lindos as well. It’s not just pretty and picturesque but in fact, the white color helps to cool down the island homes during the summer heat, but I have also read that it was used to prevent the spread of cholera. The whitewash contained limestone, which is a disinfectant, and not many others wherein common use during that time. Should we all paint our houses with limestone? Of just visit Greece more often?  

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    Boattrip to Lindos

    After a few days of just enjoying the beaches and sunshine, we were up for a bit of an adventure so we ended up booking a boat trip to the town Lindos. If you book a tour as we did, you get picked up in the harbor in the city of Rhodes, there’s one stop on the way to pick more people but otherwise, it’s a few hours on the boat, and when you arrive in the small port of Lindos. They have a small bar on the boat with some snacks and cold beverages, restrooms, of course, sunbeds both on the foredeck and on the flybridge terrasse. They even…

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    Ronda beach Bar

        I could say that every day during our trip to the island of Rhodes in Greece was not like the images above, but that would be a big fat lie. Ronda beach Bar was absolutely amazing, I mean, just look at the images of this bohemian-styled paradise. Wouldn’t you be there every day? It was a bit on the pricy side, we paid 20 euros to rent two sunbeds for one day, towel included. If you wanted a sunbed on the front row, you would have to pay 30 euros. And then, of course, you’ll have to pay extra for food and drinks. But you know what, it…

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    Highlights from the summer of 2021

    Just as the previous years 2019 and 2020 we wanted to do a bit of a summery or review of the summer that has passed. And I know we’re a bit late to the game with our review, but to be honest, it all started out with a bit of a summer holiday from blogging… and that kind of turned into an autumn holiday as well. Woops. But we’re back again, better late than never right, so don’t forget to check in for some more content here on the blog! We started the summer with a train trip to the city of Gothenburg where Ann and Jacob celebrated their 10th…

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    Top 5 travel destinations

    We’ve been challenged by Rejse Guide af Guld to tell you about our Top 5 travel destinations, I am going to start by telling you that picking five of the trips we have done over the years – that’s not an easy task, but I will try my best. There are so many different reasons to why a trip could have easely been the best, but it’s not about the trip itself, but about the desination so I have tried to stick to the destinations that have kind stuck with me after visitng and that I would really like to re-visit for some specific reason. EDINBURGH Does this come as…

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    10 Advent questions about traveling – Part 3

    Its time for our third episode of the advent questions about traveling and this time we’ll focus on what inspires us. What gives us that little extra push to start dreaming. At what age did you start dreaming about traveling?I guess I was in my teens when I first started dreaming about visiting other countries. I remember the feeling of ordering the Swedish travel catalogs and browsing through them, looking for the most affordable trip. At the beginning as an explorer, what gave you the inspiration to travel? And have that changed during the years? Oh, I think in the beginning I was only thinking of travel as charter, staying…