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    The adventcalendar of 2019

    This was the first year that we published a Christmas calendar. Geez, that was a lot of work go get a post out every day, but in hindsight, it was a lot of fun to not just a lot of work. And we just want to say thank you, to all of you for the response you have given us. Not just here on the blog, but on Facebook and Instagram as well. Thank you! So if you did miss out on our advent calendar of 2019, here’s a recap for you, hope you enjoy it! //A & A #1 Familycation in Rhetymnon, Crete. #2 Windowshopping #3 Modelphotoshoot in Turkey…

  • Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

    Mixed images from Sunny Beach

    Oh yes, this is definatly your typical touristdestination when you are at your younger age. I mean, the beach is great. Its filled with restaurants and bars with happyhour every hour, with lunchtables that turnes into a beerpong tournament. If you leave the beach and walk a bit further into the city, you’ll find a variety of fastfoods, bars with all different kinds of music and your typical touristshops with souvenirs. I think you know the place, it looks kind of like all the rest of the touristplaces along the beaches of the meditoranian. I think we’ve all been there, so lets just say I was happy that we were…

  • Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

    The perfect image?

    So what is the perfect image? Is it the left one with focus on the drinks served at a beachtavern in Sunny Beach, or the right one taken as a behind the scenes image? Personally I like the left image best, but it all depends on the use of image. The left image I would use on instagram, in a photobook, maybe even as a canvas on my wall. But then again I would post the right one on my instagram stories, its perfect in a blogpost and I would probobly use it in the photobook aswell. How do you manage to take that perfecet picture whilst travelling… What do…

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    Highlight from the summer of 2019

    We’ve just gone back to work after the summervacation but I just have to say that the summer of 2019 and been a great summer. I’ve gotten a bit of a tan, a few glases of wine and several great trips abroad. Cant really complain at all. I have put together a bit of a recap for you, hope you enjoy the read!   We took a trip to Istanbul in june, clearly a great start to the summer. I have always wanted to there, but I’ve kind of had to struggle to get a travelpartner. Thank you, my dear friends, for making this trip happend!     Best honor…

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    Daiquiris at the beach

    We have been a bit slow when it comes to the blog, sorry about that, but hey – we’re on vacation! I dont know if it’s the fresh fruits, or if its the crushed ice that makes the drink so yummy on a hot summer day. Some would say that its the rum and that could not possibly be wrong, but Anngelicas non-alcoholic passionfruit Daiquiri was just as good as my Strawberry Daiquiri with rum. What do you prefer, strawberry or passionfruit? With or without rum? Or just whatever during Happy-hour? //Ann Dont forget to join us on Facebook andInstagram for daily updates and more images

  • Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

    Daytrip to Sunny Beach

    If you visit old town Nessebar, you’ll soon hear the news of the shuttleboats over till Sunny Beach. The boatfares leave every 30 minutes and it will take about 30 minuters to cross the bay. The trip will set you back 10 Levas for a one way trip, which is about 5 euroes. Theres busses aswell, which costs less and taxi that costs more. But for us, the boattrip around the old city and across the bay seemed more fitting. The beachen are cluttered with bars and restaurants, that provides almost everything you can hope for. Massagetables, jetskies, beerpong, sunbeds and of course food and drinks. We stayed at a…

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    The dudes behind the dudettes

    As usual during our trips the ladies are mezmerised with the scenery and busy taking selfies so we decided to do a takeover and see how long it would take for them to notice. Clearly we got away with it for quite some time. It all started back at the hotel when WE were told to get ready so we went up to the roof terrace to enjoy a glass of whisky but of course the ladies were not ready since they had to take selfies before we could go out for dinner so we decided to take pictures of us with them being girly in the background and see…