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    The Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon

    As I have said before, it’s a bit of a walk up to but it’s well worth it, you pass places like Odeon of Herodes on your way there. But make sure that you bring your water, especially on a hot day, there are no places to buy anything once you get up there. And bring your walking shoes, the hills are steep at some places and the stairs are really long. It will take you about 20 minutes to walk up to Acropolis, but it took us a bit longer since we could not help to stop everywhere just to look at the places we passed. Upon the Acropolis,…

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    Review of 2020

    Oh yes, we did reviews of our travel years 2018 and 2019 so why should 2020 be any different one might ask… well, it’s 2020, so it’s different but we’re gonna do our best to at least do a review of our travels within Sweden. Enjoy the read! Yupp, we started the year in Athens, Greece where we spent the first two days of January, but those two days were the only two days we spent abroad all year. We had a lot planned though, and then the first wave of the Corona-pandemic hit us which ment that we could only travel causiouskly within Sweden… So we had all of…

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    Greek dinner

    So if you can’t travel to Greece right now, Greece will just have to come to us. And what better way to make that happened than to cook yourself a greek dinner. Travel inspired dinners coming up, and we are even thinking of making this a series of blog posts, so please let us know if this kind of post would interest you! Just go all-in with music, foods, and beer. And take your time to set the table, make it into a party! But if you are at home, don’t go throwing those plates around – that makes quite a mess. Did I tell you that we did that…

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    Plaka Stairs

    Besides the big buildings and tourist attractions in Athens, Plaka stairs were one of the things I had my eyes set on seeing during our visit to the capital of Greece. I just had an idea of a really friendly vibe, where people were sitting around and drinking wine, eating some snacks and smoking way too many cigarettes. I do admit though that in my head, as I was planning to sit on the Plaka stairs, I was imagining more sunshine and for certain more people. But we were there before lunch on the day after the new year’s celebrations, so there was no crowd at all. But no sun…

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    Walk with me – Athens Greece

    Yeah, this walk with me has become a thing, but I just love showing you some images of how the streets that we walked through and buildings that we passed by looked. Maybe it will inspire you to talk a walk, anywhere in the world, trying to find that little piece of hidden magic. The variety of colours on the buildings but yet in a certain combination, the different set of stones on the streets, the old buildings with the street art and the greenery. Do you see there are actual lemons on that tree? They grew everywhere in the city, both lemons, and oranges. And flowers of course. It’s…

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    Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    Did you know that the greek Herodes Atticus built this in memory of his wife back in 161 AD?Its hard trying to imagine beeing on a venue like this for a music consert, in Athens Greece, but the best part of this place is that its actually used. There has been a lot bigshots preforming on this arena, including stars like Sting, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Foo Fighters and Liza Minelli. So once again, try imagining being on a consert on an area like this… if you could choose the artist, who would be preforming? //Ann

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    We found this really cool post at our fellow travelblogger Litemerarosa and looking around we found out that Stadtillstrand had filled in the list as well, so hey, lets do it! This post is about how many capitals you have visited whilst travelling around the world. And to be honest, we did not think that we had visited that many, but after reading our fellow bloggers posts we found ourselfs thinking “Hey, we’ve been there to!” This maybe a bit unfair, cuz this is our combined list of capitols, but then again, theres two of us writing on this blog and we both wanted to do the list. So lets…

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    Home and Poetry

    Time really does fly when you’re having a good time and we could not have been at a better place at the start of this decade, as we spent our New Years weekend in Athens Greece staying at this amazing little hotel located at the heart of of the city. We could not have picked a better hotel than Home and Poetry!As you could see our room was not the biggest, but surely not the smallest either. There were plenty of room for us to move around and store our luggage. As there were three of us, they brought in an extra bed. Comming home from a walk on our…

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    Review of 2019

    Last year we did a Review of 2018 so lets keep this up and make a small review of this year as well. We started 2019 in Dublin Ireland with the best group of people ever, so we kicked off the new year in style. We have stayed in Europe all year, even though we’ve had the ambission of going on a longer trip. Travelling longer takes some more planning on our behalf, and to be honest, we’re kind of to impulsive to plan a longer trip. Anyways, here’s what we have done during 2019:   JanuaryIreland, Dublin FebruarySpain, Madrid Our next trip was suppose to be Scotland and Edinburgh,…

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    Lunch at the Food Project

    As we were heading towards Acropolis in Athens, Greece, we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat, and as we passed by the Food Project that seemed like a fitting place for us. Isn’t it just lovely to be able to sit outdoors and have lunch in january? The restaurant is located just about a few minutes walk from the entrance to Acropolis, so it was really the perfect place for us. Having a smaller lunch for us means having a pizza and some tzatziki to share, and a drink of course. I ordered myself one of my favorite drinks, a Espresso Martini, Hanna had a Limoncello Spritz…