Türkiye - Özdere

  • Türkiye - Özdere

    Modelphotoshoot in Özdere

    Behind the scenes images from a modelphotoshoot back in 2012 You all know I am a photographer right, I have told you that before? This was my first time ever doing a photoshoot with a model abroad, so I was supernervous. The model was originally from Greece, but was staying in Istanbul and working with a modelagency there, so she was flown in to Özdere to work with us. The makeupartist was from Belarus, but lived in Turkey with her husband. I brought with me some pieces from a swedish clothing designer and some jewlery from another swedish designer. We had about eight hours of work, before we had to…

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    56 days spent in Turkey

    Turkey is by far the country in Europe that I’ve visited the most. I’ve been trying my best to remember all of the times that I’ve been in different parts of Turkey during the years, and it could be that I might have forgotten some of the trips that I took during earlier years. But I dont think so. 2001, Alanya2002, Alanya for two weeks2010, Side2011, Alanya2012, Özdere Izmir / Kusadasi2013, Alanya2014, Oba This equals 7 trips to Turkey, about 56 days – give or take a few. I cant tell for sure which one of the different trips that was 7 or 8 days, so I’ve summed it up…

  • Türkiye - Özdere

    Infinity pool

    Isnt this an amazing pool area?An infinity pool looking out over the Mediterranean sea, that’s one of the most relaxing poolareas I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. As you can see, mostly by the size of the evergrowing kid, this trips to Turkey was a few years ago. We stayed at Paloma hotels in Özdere, quite close to Izmir if you know where that is. It was one of those secluded all inclucive hotels with tree poolareas, several private beaches and if I remember correctly five different resturants belonging to the hotel. The hotel was beautiful, but it was located in the middle of nowhere. There was a small village…