Sweden - Gotland

Fårö and the rauks

During our swecation to Gotland, we brought a car so that we could take a daytrip to another island just north of Gotland, called Fårö. And to be completely honest, the only reason that we went to Fårö, is for the simple reason that I kept bothering my travel companions to see the rauks.
Have you ever heard of such a thing like a rauk?

You can go by car, bus, taxi, or bike to the ferry station that will get you across from Gotland to Fårö in just a few minutes. And it will cost you nothing at all to go the ferry. From there its a bit of drive, so make sure that you choose the transportation that’s best for you in the long run.

We headed to lunch firstly at the beach, then we took a small drive to get to the rauks. It’s so worth the trip, I mean common, look at the stone formations that nature made. The waves from the ocean have slowly decomposed some of the more brittle parts of the rock, leaving only the roughest rock, namely, limestone, left. As the water levels dropped (yeeeeears ago), the stoneformations were visible from land.

There are several different beaches with rauks on Fårö, but we choose to visit this one that’s called Langhammars nature reserve, one of the most famous rauk beaches on the island.

Okay, after seeing the images and reading this, can you really blame me for wanting this daytrip to the island of Fårö, just north of Gotland in Sweden? I do think that this is a bucketlist worthy trip, it’s just something we should be able to say that we have seen.



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