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Highlights from the summer of 2020

We did a short review last year, from the Summer of 2019 so I thought we would do the same with 2020, even though this year has not nearly brought as many exotic travel destinations as last year.

Fun fact, this is the first summer, in TEN years that I have not been abroad. We have always had our summervacations abroad, so this is the first year in forever and then some that we are doing the entire summer in Sweden. Most days were naturally spent at home, chilling in the backyard with some barbeque, playing games, and having some amazing laughs.

Having a cocktail in the backyard.


Brittish pubnight, Hungarian street food, classic Greek food and Italian.


But you have all seen our food travel series right?
When Corona put a stop to the travel year of 2020 we decided that at the very least it would not stop us from having the amazing food experiences that we always have abroad. We just had to make it ourselves in our own kitchen, so that is exactly what we did.

– The UK for a pub night with foods and a beer tasting.
– A quick stop in Hungary for street food.
Indian themed dinner.
– Some classic
Greek food.
Italian cocktails and food.

It has really been a blast doing this Food Travel series, and we will keep on doing it regardless if we can travel or not. We actually have some things coming up on the blog shortly, that has yet to be published, so stay tuned. But if you have any ideas for fun foods, we are happy to receive some new ideas.

Chilling with an Aperol Sprits in Trosa.

A weekend in Trosa

We started off the summer with celebrating Midsummer in a small town called Trosa, about an hour from Stockholm Sweden. It gave us a bit of a road trip, which I haven’t been on in years. I truly fell in love with this small town with all its charm, and I can’t wait to go back again, I would really like to visit during the autumn when the leaves are changing colors.


The magical views on Fårö.

Visby and Fårö

We booked ourselves a weekend in Visby, on the island of Gotland. It a few hours boat ride with the ferry, that actually departures from our hometown, so it’s super easy to get there. We really should go more often. We even took a daytrip to Fårö which is a little piece of heaven all on its own.


Days trips to Stockholm

Of course, we took some daytrips to
Stockholm for some good food and drinks. It takes us about 45 minutes by train to get to the capital, and every time we’ve been in the city we always wonder why we don’t go there more often… Going to Stockholm is really a treat for your inner foodie, the amazing restaurants we have visited!

Birthday girls!

Yes, we did have our birthday, you all remember that both me and Angelica have the same birthday right? Same day but some years apart. Well, this year Angelica turned 30, so that was quite the day of surprises for her.


Minivacation on the Island Nåttarö

We ended off our summer vacation with a few days of calm and quiet on the island Nåttarö in the Swedish archipelago, which was exactly what we all needed. We rented a small cabin and did the easy living thing for a few days without running water
or bathrooms in the cabin. That was quite the weekend!

Trips abroad?

We had a trip booked to Cyprus, that was canceled and rebooked to the island of Rhodes in Greece for the fall, but you all know what’s happening in the world, so of course, the trip to Rhodes got canceled too. As I’ve said before, I know its all for the best but it still a real bummer! So no trips abroad insight… and not really any plans for booking new once either, we’ll stay put in Sweden for now.

So to sum it up… Even though we only traveled within Sweden this summer, its been quite the summer with a lot of adventures. One of the best really. We’ve seen so much of Sweden that I’ve never seen before, and I am so thankful for that, it’s really been a great summer!

What about you, have you had a good one?



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