Cyprus - Ayia Napa

Oh yes, our third trip for 2020 is finally booked!


Woop woop! Oh yes, we have booked our third trip for 2020, and this time its our annual summer in the sun vacation. Its kind of a traditional for us, just to head somewhere where the sun it hot and sticky. A lazy-trip, preferably with a pool and the ocean in close proximity.

So yeah, thats what we have booked, an entire week in Ayia Napa on the island of Cyprus.

A new decade has just begun, and at the end of the first month of 2020 we have already booked our three first trips of this year. Thats something huh?

Ann was on Cyprus when she was a young kind, but other than that, none of us have ever been there. To be honest, none of even know that much of Cyprus, I guess we have to start doing our reseach and find out some fun facts.
So, if you have been to Cyprus, please let us know what not to miss out on, all you tips and recomendations are welcome!

//A & A

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