• United Kingdom - London

    We’re going back to London

    Yeah I know, I have said it and I know it so don’t come for me! London is not my favorite destination, and I really did not think that going back to the city was in the cards me, atleast not so soon. If you can actually call it soon when you haven’t been to London since 2016? But this will be the first family vacation we’ll go on in five years time. So get to bring the kid, who’s not really a kid anymore, but anyways… he’ll be going with us on this trip, and he wanted to see London. So London here we come! 😀 We would love…

  • Greece - Karpahos

    Church of St Apostle

    While visiting the small island Karpathos in Greece, we stayed in a town called Pigadia. But during our stay, we took a daytrip to a nearby village called Amoopi, where the first thing we found was this adorable little church. I mean, it’s so cute and typical for a Greek church that we had no other choice but to stop for a quick photo break. Naturally, I will show you some more from Amoopi itself, but I love these images so much that I thought that they deserved their own post. And no, I did not intentionally match my outfit to the church! 😀

  • Greece - Karpahos

    Pigadia Karpathos

    We have just checked in at our hotel in Pigadia for a week of exploring the island of Karpathos in Greece, and of course to enjoy all of the amazing Greek food. As per usual we don’t have any major plans for our week, besides enjoying the sun, relaxing and maybe catching up on some reading. The island that we are currently on is located in the Aegean Sea, kind of between the islands Rhodes and Crete. We are staying in the town Pigadia, which is the capitol and the main port of the island. If any one of you have ever been on this island and have some recommendations…

  • Greece - Foodtravel,  Greece - Thessaloniki

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner in Thessaloniki

    We had a lot of tzatziki in Thessaloniki, I’ll tell you that! Tzatziki with olives, tzatziki with souvlaki, with gyros, with fried fish… with wine? sure! For breakfast, no didn’t but maybe we should have. So I thought kind of doing a post where I give you guys some recommendations of where you can pick up some great Greek food, whether you are up for dinner, a quick lunch, breakfast, or just some street food. And at the end of the post, I’ll share some places that are good for a drink or a snack. Hope you enjoy the read! This was just an opening on a corner, where a…

  • Italy - Fiumicino

    The beachlife in Fiumicino

    Besides the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen in my entire life, as I have shown you in a previous blogpost, Fiumicino also offers some of the best beachlife I have lived. There are many different places to stay around the beach area, some more fancy hotels and some AirBNBs that are more on the simple side. We stayed at a small hotel that was close to the beach and that offered breakfast, which is always nice. But where ever you choose to stay, I’m sure that will be fine. The beaches are why you have to come to Fiumicino. Not the hotels. Naturally, there are sunbeds and umbrellas…

  • Greece - Thessaloniki

    Would I recommend you to visit Thessaloniki?

    So what’s my first impression of the city?Well, it’s a Greek city that’s not to be compared to either Athens or any of the other smaller cities that we have visited. And to be fair, we didn’t really have the time to see all of the city or experience all that was offered. But would I go back… maybe not. Even though we did have a great weekend, I would rather keep exploring other Greek cities and islands than go back to Thessaloniki. But with that in mind, I would recommend that you visit Thessaloniki, it is a great city! Let me try and explain the feeling… we are not…

  • Greece - Thessaloniki

    A weekend in Thessaloniki

    Oh yes, we went to Thessaloniki in Greece over the Easter weekend. Yeah I know, I forgot to tell you, sorry about that! I have actually been to Thessaloniki once before, but that was a long time ago. My mother and I traveled for two weeks and let’s just say we had a bit of a delay as we were going back home to Sweden again so we had a layover in Thessaloniki. We didn’t really see much of the city though, we were pretty much cooped up in a hotel lobby the entire time, just waiting for an airplane to arrive. Yeah, it was that kind of trip where…

  • Poland - Gdansk

    Restaurants, bars and pubs in Gdansk

    A lot of you have been asking for recommendations for restaurants, pubs, and bars in Gdansk so I thought I would try to put all of our favorites down in one place. Keep in mind that we were only in Gdansk for a long weekend so we did not really have all the time in the world to visit a great number of restaurants. We tried a lot of different types of food when we visited Gdansk, so it all depends on what you are craving at the moment but if you are anything like me and want to try all of it… here we go: If you are looking…

  • Italy - Fiumicino

    The magical sunsets in Fiumicino

    Lastly on our Italian summer vacation, after vising Bologna, Florence, and Rome, we ended up spending a few days on the amazing beaches in Fiumicino. I know that I have told you time and time again how hot it was during the summer of 2022, but getting some time to just cool off in the waters and hanging around in a sunbed after days and days of walking around in cities was just what we needed. I promise that I will come back to Fiumicino in another post, where I will tell you more about the city itself, cuz this one will only be focused on one thing… and one…

  • Italy - Bologna

    We are back in Bologna

    Oh yes, we went back for seconds! Ann & Jacob vs Bologna 2.0! We visted Bologna about 6 months ago, during the crazy heatwave of July 2022. And even though it was superhot we simply loved the city, but we only stayed a few days before we headed of to explore another Italian city. So that’s kind of why we are back, we weren’t quite done… and if I am to be completly honest – Bologna was kind of just a steppingstone for us, and even though we stayed one more night than we initially had planned for, we kind of always had one foot out the door. So, hence…