France - Paris

Guess what?!

As Angelica got pregnant, she knew that she would not be able to fly throughout her entire pregnancy. Most airlines (and doctors) will not let the mother to be fly in the late stage of the pregnancy. So of course that meant that I could not visit certain places around the world either. They were kind of on hold, reseved until further notice, or just until the baby arrived. Me and the boys were kind of banned from that part of the world.

Paris is one of those places. And its also one of the places that we thought would be a cool and easy city to bring the baby as a first journey. Strolling down Champs Elysees with a stroller, stopping by Cafe the Flores for a rose-flavoured macaron like a fashionista or having a romantic picnic with some red wine infront of the Eiffel tower. That kind of sounds like a parisian cliche right, but that all things you can easely do with a baby. Me and the boys were banned from that part of the world.

So guess what?
We booked the trip!

And you want to know the best part… Angelica is finding out right now, whilst reading this post! 😄 So, girlfriend, you better start practicing the french languge, cuz I’ve ordered you a trip – you’re ordering me a glas wine when we get there! 😄



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