Bulgaria - Nessebar,  Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

The dudes behind the dudettes

As usual during our trips the ladies are mezmerised with the scenery and busy taking selfies so we decided to do a takeover and see how long it would take for them to notice. Clearly we got away with it for quite some time.

It all started back at the hotel when WE were told to get ready so we went up to the roof terrace to enjoy a glass of whisky but of course the ladies were not ready since they had to take selfies before we could go out for dinner so we decided to take pictures of us with them being girly in the background and see if they would notice. You kind of have to wonder if they see Nessebar or only the perfect selfielocations. We sure have time to look around since we have to wait for them every ten minuters to take another selfie.

Its not as easy as it would seem to be together with influencers/travel junkies. Cant taste the drinks and the drink gets warm, cant eat the food and it gets cold, since they always have to take the ”perfect” picture before we can taste and of course we are always in the way, we are lucky if we are allowed to sit at the table.

For those of you who dont know us we are the drink carriers, photografers and bag carriers. Also known as Jacob, Anns husband and Lee , Angelicas fiance

Hopefully they wont see this to soon so they wont change the password for this blogg 🙂

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