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Review of 2021

Has another year just gone by? People say that time flies when you’re having a good time, and the year 2021 has been a lot of fun, especially if you compare it to 2020 where the entire year was filled with fear. The pandemic is very much alive, but we are all starting to manage it better and most of us are fully vaccinated and that’s really great!

Idre Sweden

Gålö Sweden

We had some great winter wonderland experiences here in Sweden during the first quarter of the year, we visited places like Idre up in the north of Sweden, went camping in Gålö, and just enjoyed the beautiful snow.

Stockholm Sweden

Gothenburg Sweden.

As the seasons changed into springtime we started to explore our local surroundings again, revisiting the capital of Sweden to see the cherry blossoms (first time ever). In June we took the train to Gothenburg for a weekend of celebrations as Ann and her husband had a 10 year wedding anniversary.

Gotland Sweden

Roadtrip in Sweden

June included a family boat trip to Gotland for Angelica and Lee, where they stayed an entire week in a house that they rented. July gave us the chance to get in the car and hit the road, so Ann and Jacob drove from around Sweden vising friends at several different places.

Gotland Sweden

Rhodes Greece

Ann and Jacob hit Gotland again, but this time during the Medieval week celebrations. And then finally we had our first trip abroad, we took a week off and hit the beaches on the island Rhodes in Greece. Sun sun fun!

Stockholm Sweden

Krakow Poland

In October it was time for yet another staycation in Stockholm Sweden for Ann and Jacob, followed by the second trip abroad this year, this time we had a weekend in Krakow Poland. I know I have not told you much about this trip yet, but I will, I promise.

We did not travel as much as we wanted of course, but the travels that we took were safe and that kind of feels like the theme song of 2021 if you want to travel – travel safely! We traveled by car, boat, train, and airplane, how can anyone in their right mind complain about that kind of travel record when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Travelwise 2021 has been a great year, no complaints at all!

Thank you so much!
Ann & Angelica

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