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Staycation before Vacation

Yes, I need a staycation before we head off to vacation! Well, its not the matter of needing as off… well, needing. Our plane leaves really early in the morning when we’re heading to Athens in Greece, so theres not way for us to get with public transportation to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm Sweden from where we live. The hassel of beeing a small town girl. Or the purks, if you keep reading…

So yeah, we kind off had to book a short staycation, one night at a hotell closer to the airport. No, we didnt have to, we could have taken the car, but no. So we had to. Does that even make sence?

Its the first time ever that we have treated ourselves to such a luxurious splurge, we always find a way to make the flights even though its almost always at the crack of dawn, we have great friends and family and that helps a lot, but otherwise we always go by trains and busses. But not this time, we’re having a one night layover at a hotel.

And do you want to know the best part?
Its all for free. Since I always book our trips through the same site, and I mean everytime, the site gives you points to use when you do your bookings. You can have a better deal when you rent a car. Better prices on some trips. Or in our case, use some of your points to get a free hotel night. Great huh?

How about you, how do you get to the airport?


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