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Christmasgifts for travellers

Oh yes, gifts is always a hassel to find and I am guessing its even harder for people to find gifts for travellers, if you dont buy a trip. But seeing as trips are quite expensive, what can you buy for a traveller thats a bit less pricey?

I have put together a list of things, in a variety of priceranges, that I guess most travellers would appriciate. Naturally you can google these itemns and find several different types, in different quality and price. And I know there’s a redonkulous amount of travelthingies out there, but maybe this can narrow it down abit. So here we go:

Anti skimming card holder
I know that there are phonecases aswell, with this type of built in protection. But most of us travellers have a extra card with us, and that card could use some protection aswell.

Microfiber Towel
My mom got me one of these. She would say she got one for herself, that ended up at my place. Anyways, after using the first one, I am totally addiced to this kind of traveltowel. If you dont have one, get one.

Multi tool
Now this is awsome! The only thing missing on this multitool is a wineopener and a coffeemashine, otherwise its perfect, would you not agree?

Travel adapters
Personally I never carry an adapter, but then again we travel mostly within Europe (so far) so we have never had the need for it. But its a great thing to have as a traveller.

Door Stop Security alarm
This is a gadget I have never even though about bringing along on my trips, but this could be a welcomed addition to the travelrelated thingies that you pack. If you travel alone, or might feel a bit unsecure at times – this is your thing.

Packing Cubes
My lifesaver! I am telling you, since I got mine, I cant pack without them. All of those who know personally, you know what a slob I am when it comes to organizing my suitcase. But with packing cubes I can actually keep my cloths in check for an entire weekend.

So, fellow travellers would you answer me this, do you already own all of the gifts I suggested? Then you can call Captain Obvious, otherwise I am happy to be of service as Santas Little Helper. And what did I miss on my little list of gifts, what are you wishing for this year?


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