Estonia - Tallinn

Walk with me through the streets of Tallinn


Since we were on a cruise from Stockholm in Sweden to Tallin in Estonia, we only had that one day in the city before we had to get back to ship. I am gonna tell you more about the cruise itself, I promise. But If I am to be completely honest, with all that we were able to see of the city in that short period of time – we had time enough. Of course, if you want to see more of the outer parts of the city, or go on tours and daytrips, then you will not have enough time.

I really enjoyed walking around in the city. Did I wish that they did not pick apart the Christmas market on the day that we arrived, sure I did. And did I wish for snow to have that wintery feeling, I most certainly did. But even though I did not have that snow-covered feeling of a winter wonderland, I really did enjoy the city.
I mean, look at the images above.

The white and bright painted houses, mixed with the old rustic-looking buildings. That’s just my kind of place. Streets filled with shopping (and I kid you not, there was an entire street filled with just flower vendors), cute-looking taverns and cafes, small street food trucks, and mulled wine. Supercute!


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