Top 6 tasty tastings in Europe

Yes, in my opinion, this is the Top 6 of Tasty Tastings in Europe - of all the things we have tried. They are catagorized by date, staring with the first tasting we did, ending with last. Not in the order of what we liked best. And yes, I have done a few other tastings aswell, like a winetasting in Thessaloniki Greece many years ago, but it was kind of to long ago to have a keen memory of it.

So, what did we like the best?
I am gonna give a bit of a booring answer here... the best thing about these kind of tastings and experiences is that it has opened my eyes to the fun of it. Dont get me wrong, I knew they were out there, but experiencing them first hand was all kinds of differnt. Nowadays I always check for tastings and experiences regaring food and drinks when I have booked a trip or are in research mode, thats what I like the best, it comes naturally to check for them.

So tell me, have you been to any tastings? What kind, and did you like it?


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Jay Artale
Jay Artale,
It's interesting to travel to different countries and discover local drinks, especially the beers for local breweries or indepdented brew houses. We just visited one in Montpellier, France - and have fond memory of a blonde beer we enjoyed.
I have been to a couple of wine tastings all these sound like interesting and fun ideas to explore
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