Drinks on a rooftop bar - with a view

Yes, the rooftop thing as become a thing. I tend to google for great rooftops when I am abroad, to get a good drink and a view to die for. These images are taken from the rooftop terrace at the national Museum of Scotland, beautiful right?

As we were there late august, the lavendar season was about finished, but I can imagine how stunning this rooftop terrace would have been in full bloom. And yes, you could see the Edinburgh castle from the rooftop aswell, but seeing as it was during the Fringe festivale, there was a lot of non-photogenic stuff infront of the castle, so no pictures of the castle this time.


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Those are some fascinating rooflines! I would never have thought of looking for roofs. Sounds fun!
Bummer - we missed this spot in Scotland!
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