Scotland - Edinburgh

Guess again!

Yupp! The second trip for 2020 is booked, or actually, this is the first. Hm, okey, let me put this into more understandable words, I seem to be blabbering a bit. This is the second trip for 2020 that we have booked, but we are leaving for Edinburgh before we head off to Paris. Does that make sence?

We are finally going for the Beltane celebrations, I have been wanting to go for two years now, but the time has never been right. Its a festivale of lights and it marks the beginning of summer. Its gonna be so much fun! Just google Beltane if you want to know more of the festivale and cant wait until I have been there so I can show you as well as tell you.

This will be my third trip to Edinburgh, so do I really have to tell you that I am so in love with the city?


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