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Italian Chicken Alfredo

This is like a 20-minute recipe, perfect for anyone who really does not feel like cocking an entire thing but still serving that little extra.

You start by cutting your chicken fillet or chicken breasts into small pieces. If cut them really thin they will cook faster and more evenly. Season the chicken with freshly ground salt and pepper. Use a large skillet or frying pan, add some butter and garlic and fry you chicken until they are golden brown and cooked through. You don’t want any pink chicken.
Start boiling the pasta, al dente. You all know what that is, don’t you?

Lower the heat to medium and add some more butter, pour some cream, and bring it to a gentle simmer. Now it’s time for a handful of chopped parsley and the cheese, oh the cheese! I went a bit crazy on the cheese but it was so worth it, I am guessing that parmesan is one of my weaknesses. Add some of the pasta water into the sauce, then drain the pasta and mix it together with the sauce. You are done!

We had some extra cheese on the side and some sausages just for that little extra something good. It was a perfect meal. To be honest, I did not try this when we have been traveling in Italy, but now that I have tried it in my own kitchen, I would love to try out the real thing!
Have you ever been to Italy and had a Chicken Alfredo?


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