Hersonissos on Crete

Hersonissos beach on Crete

Yes, we visited Hersonissos on Crete many years ago. It was actually our first familyvacation together, I had always wanted to travel alot. Me and Jacob had one other trip, just the two of us, before this one. During or stay here in Hersonissos, our kid was about foru years old and I remember beeing a bit scared to travel with a kid before we headed of. Bud kiddo was great. As always.

Our watch at the hotel was about two hours wrong, and I dont think we had a phone with us during our trips. Or maybe, I cant remember, this was like 2007. So anyways, we went to bed at 23.oo each night, or so we thought. But we actually went to bed around 21.oo, and woke up again at like 06.oo. I remember thinking that this was the first time ever abroad, on a touristplace where the localas were really tired in the mornings, always sleeping in.
Bless the phone, for nowadays it always fixes the timechanges automaticly.


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Men wow så underbart!! <3
Eller hur? 😃
Jay Artale
Jay Artale,
I still haven't been to Crete, but it's on my list. My husband worked there during the summer season during his youth, and it's one of his favourite spots in the world
I would not call it a favorite of mine, with its a great island for vacation. As are all the Greek islands though 😃 But if its his favorite spot, then you should go there for sure 😊
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