Walk with me - Athens Greece

Yeah, this walk with me has become a thing, but I just love showing you some images of how the streets that we walked through and buildings that we passed by looked. Maybe it will inspire you to talk a walk, anywhere in the world, trying to find that little piece of hidden magic.

The variety of colours on the buildings but yet in a certain combination, the different set of stones on the streets, the old buildings with the street art and the greenery. Do you see there are actual lemons on that tree? They grew everywhere in the city, both lemons, and oranges. And flowers of course. It's amazing to see so much greenery growing in January, we all loved just strolling down the narrow streets.

Everywhere you turned you could see tables and chairs in front of a small tavern, you could hear the live music playing from the bistro down the alley and smell the fresh baked goods. It sure is a beautiful city in more than one ways, it has the history, the fashion, the ancient architecture, the modern touch, the culture, the well taken care of street cats, and maybe the best part - the food. The amazing greek food. How much more could you ask of a city?

I can tell you this much, I would not mind going back again. Athens is a huge city, so much bigger than I thought at first. There is so much more to see and experience and a weekend are simply not enough to see the entire city, we have only just begun to explore a small part of it.

How about you, have you ever been to Athens in Greece? What did you enjoy the most? Or is the magical city still on your bucketlist?


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Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O,
Athens is a fascinating, historic city and your photos are beautiful. II'm. Always game for a vacation.
I haven't been yer even though is quite close to my hometown Italy. I'm very attracted to the food and I'm afraid of thd crowds!
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