The best thing...

... that happend to me, thanks to this blog. Well yes, that's the challange for this week. That sure is a challange since I have been blogging again for like, I dont know, a few weeks.

Images are taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands, back in 2000 and never ever,
when I was on one of the many photoshoots I've done abroad.

I use to blog, but in a different way, with more focus on lifestyle in the begining, then more towards fashion and beauty modelphotography. Yes, I still do some photoshoots now and again, but not on a regular basis.

The one thing that I did miss, during my non-bloggin years is having a place to store my memories. You know, the blog kind of gains the ability of a diary, Especially if you gain that rythm of once a day bloggin, you are bound to end up with your memories written down in your blog. Kind of like a photalbum and a diary in one.

So to answer the question of what's the best thing thats happend to me, thanks to the blog: I've found somewhere to store and share my memories again.


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